Savannah Masonry is known for constructing exceptional brick fences by emphasizing quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Our experienced masons use premium materials to ensure that each fence is visually appealing, durable, and long-lasting. With a strong reputation for excellence, customers can trust Savannah Masonry to create beautiful and functional brick fences that enhance their properties.


durable brick fences

Installing a brick fence for residential or commercial purposes offers numerous benefits in terms of practicality and aesthetics. Brick fences have remained a popular choice for centuries due to their enduring advantages.

First and foremost, brick fences excel in durability and longevity. Unlike wooden or metal counterparts, brick fences are not prone to rot, rust, or other forms of deterioration. They effortlessly withstand harsh weather conditions and require minimal maintenance over time. As such, they represent a wise investment for property owners seeking to protect their homes or businesses from intruders or environmental damage.

Another notable advantage of brick fences lies in their visual appeal. Brick is a timeless and versatile material that effortlessly complements a wide array of architectural styles. Regardless of whether your property leans towards modern or traditional aesthetics, a brick fence can enhance its overall appearance. Furthermore, brick fences offer customization options to match your specific design preferences. With various colors, textures, and patterns to choose from, you can create a fence that perfectly aligns with your personal taste.

In addition to their practicality and visual appeal, brick fences provide enhanced privacy and security. By shielding your property, they prevent outsiders from peering inside and act as a deterrent against potential intruders. This assurance of privacy and protection grants peace of mind to property owners.

Moreover, brick fences contribute to the value of your property. Should you choose to sell your home or business in the future, a well-constructed and visually appealing brick fence can significantly enhance its curb appeal. This increased attractiveness can attract more interested buyers and potentially result in a higher selling price, maximizing the value of your property.




At Savannah Masonry, we take pride in our step-by-step approach to installing brick fences. Our experienced masons follow a detailed process to ensure exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

We begin by consulting with the property owner to understand their specific needs and preferences. This helps us align our work with their design goals and budget.

Once the project scope is clear, we proceed with the installation process. This involves excavating the designated area and creating a solid foundation by pouring concrete. We meticulously lay the first course of bricks, ensuring they are level and properly aligned.

Following that, we progress by laying additional brick courses, securing them in place with mortar. Our focus remains on achieving consistent and tidy joints while diligently maintaining a straight and level fence.

As we approach the final stages of the installation, we add refined elements such as coping stones and caps to enhance the fence’s appearance, giving it a polished and professional touch. Throughout the entire process, we maintain open communication with the property owner, ensuring their satisfaction and aligning our work with their expectations.

Once the fence is completed, we meticulously clean the work area, leaving the property in its original condition. Our dedication to superior craftsmanship and customer satisfaction is unwavering, and we proudly offer a guarantee of quality for every fence we install.



A new brick fence is a valuable addition to any home or business. It provides increased privacy and security while enhancing the property’s curb appeal and overall aesthetic. With its timeless durability and low maintenance requirements, brick withstands harsh weather conditions effortlessly. A well-built and attractive brick fence sets the property apart, making it more appealing to potential buyers or clients. This can result in higher property values and improved business success. In essence, investing in a new brick fence offers practical benefits and enhances the property’s appearance.


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